In 2018 I went to work at Orange where I took on the creation of visuals for their tv, we are a small team. I produce about 500 visuals per month. I put my creativity into each visuel carefully crafting the composition, adding material, photo-retouching and fine tuning the visuals. The graphic guidelines are precise and they contribute to ease the user to easily identify the content. Quality above all else.  If you look closely, you will see that I bring the subject in front of the graphic elements when I can. I’m trying to create a dynamic relationship between the graphics and image, to break free of the static master and servant relationship of title and image.
Orange is a French telecommunications company representing about 266 million clients in 2019 according to Wikipedia. So you’re probably thinking, wow this guy is famous, guess again. I can assure you that, I do what I can to make my work beautiful and well crafted, I love to tell stories, I take risks even if I have to do the work over, which has been the case here at Orange. My advice, break out of the “factory” production and give more, give them what they didn’t know they wanted, make them want what they dont have, aspire to delight and surprise. ​​​​​​​

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