Conception and creation and integration of this website, in collaboration with Gutenberg Networks, an affiliate of DDB. Working in collaboration with the marketing director, I was asked to renew their presentation to bring importance and value to their services. The project presented many challenges. First of all, I was confronted by the challenge to have consistent quality between display sizes between small screens and very large desktop screens. The challenge to push for mobile first design to clients who did not know about mobile-first design(this is an individual concern). I now know how to be patient and to communicate my ideas and my process from concept to delivery. The concerns of todays web designer have become a multi-faceted. Here below, is the front page, the fruit of my labor. There is a long scrolling page using parallax effect which give the impression of depth and space as the visitor moves down. Content slides in as we advance through the content. The template was customised with great precision to meet the requests of the client, who was very happy.

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