France TV Education 

In collaboration with the UX lead, we decided to establish a way for users to find the content they are looking for using a limited colour palette, using the dominant colour plus black and white. 
Objective to create an iconography that is appealing and personal, using a color-code to help users find content relevant to their research, branding FTV content while assisting students and educators find information relevant to their subject or education level.​​​​​​​ Education should be made appealing and interesting. So much attention is given to entertainment, when more attention should be given to education. It is no wonder why kids are being distracted. I have a personal investment in this project because I have children and I empathise with this dilemma. I was very inspired by a website of journalism called The Lily because their design-first work method and tight collaboration with the journalists. 
The idea is to work within a strict colour-code while using hand-drawn elements to maintain a cohesive style and make it personal. The color codes are explained above.
This project was personally gratifying as I was able to use my sensibilities as an illustrator that I was and the designer that I am now. I enjoyed working with the concepts and constraints that we put in place to make the iconography communicate using these codes. A true marriage of design and content.

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