Fine Art
by James FISH
1991 to 2010 In the studio, explorations in the form of paintings and collage including sculpture. Inspired by contrasting elements of colour and form, searching for discordance and simply painting. These visual poems are not isolated from my path as a designer. 
2000 Utopia
Collage on vinyl, a landscape of hippies, meditation gurus, dancing on hallucinogenic drugs and totems to utopia. 
1997-1998 Newds
Figurative explorations with spirographs on vinyl.
1996 Windows
Paintings from windows in my house, with the titles Paranoid, Nyctophobia, Agoraphobia, Aerophobia and Gymnophobia at Blum & Poe gallery in Santa Monica California.
1998 Word paintings 
A series where letters from a word are stacked on top of the other to create a singular form or silhouette, a visual cacophony, an instance. Drawn and or painted on vinyl, isolated from their structure and background, left floating. The title will give the meaning of what you see. Here below, 'Between' and 'Into the future'.
2013 Plants
In the form of orchids and tropical plants, made with tape, packaging material and polystyrene. 
2010 Wood Books
Here below are books make from plywood that are re-creations of books that have inspired me and that have nourished my vision of utopia.
2013 Real, total war
Collage and paint on vinyl. Text is extracted from 'The Medium is The Massage' from the sociologist Marshall McLuhan, a visionary of his time. The title of his book has often been misunderstood and mis-quoted as The Medium is the Message which has a very different meaning and it is this misunderstand that is being underlined here. The text heavy image here vacillates between being readable and unreadable. Size is 3'x5'. 
2014 Works on paper
Small format, mixed-media works on paper.
To be continued...

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